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I've written service-oriented articles on health, beauty, sleep, science, fitness, and medical news for Vice, Yahoo, The Washington Post. Edited Esthetique and The American Breast Cancer Guide.

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The Broad Side

Make Little Girls' Voices Carry

So I was an advocate for my daughter the other day. And how I acted made a difference in her experience of being heard, I believe. About a month ago, my nearly four-year-old daughter came home from......

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The Broad Side

Rebelling Against “Mom”: Finding Fulfillment Beyond the Media’s Myths of Motherhood

The misrepresentation of women and mothers in the media is rampant. The new article about the so-called phenomenon of the "retro feminist wife" is only the latest example of how the media claim to ......

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The Broad Side

The Marissa Mayer Controversy: Shift the Conversation from Mudslinging to Caregiving

Marissa Mayer's decree leaked last week --that employees of Yahoo! could not work remotely or from home started a feeding frenzy of posts, commentary and of course, discourse; some extremely hostil......