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I've written service-oriented articles on health, beauty, sleep, science, fitness, and medical news for Vice, Yahoo, The Washington Post. Edited Esthetique and The American Breast Cancer Guide.

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Tips for Parents Suffering From the 'Only Child Syndrome'

I had a very difficult pregnancy and felt that I couldn't handle another child without sacrificing my marital and personal happiness. I don't feel any guilt about the decision; it's the right one for our family.......

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The Secret of My Daughter's Dance

Over time, I have become as grounded as a great oak tree. Yet through my daughter I see my possibilities all over again. With purpose of mind and crystal clear intention she -- and I -- can do anything.......

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How Justice Was Served Thanks to My Father

My dad gave me hope. Hope that I would be vindicated. That this experience wouldn't be for naught.......

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I Married a Man, Not a Religion

I grew up thinking I'd marry a Jewish man. My mother and her parents had left Poland during the Holocaust and had ended up in Israel, while my father's parents were Orthodox Jews, with my grandfather the clear patriarch of the family.......

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How to Help Little Girls Stand Up to Bullying

I was an advocate for my daughter. And how I acted made a difference in her experience of being heard, I believe.......

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Through My Daughter's Eyes

I look into my daughter's eyes and I see myself reflected in them. But more than that... I see all the colors of emotion that a 5-year-old is capable of.......